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   Beijing Rui Zhi Bao Cheng International Intellectual Property Agency Ltd., referred to as "Rui Zhi Bao Cheng", is registered in Beijing City Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the Trademark Office for the record, to provide international standard for customers of professional intellectual property rights agencies.

   Rui Zhi Bao Cheng since its inception, has been strongly supported by the government and the Chinese intellectual property authority, with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) are closely linked, as members to actively participate in the International Association for the protection of industrial property (AIPPI), the work of the international licensing trade association (LES), the International Trademark Association (INTA) etc. the international intellectual property organization, and the world famous law firms widely maintained a long-term good relations of cooperation.

   The company has a number of years engaged in intellectual property agency experience, has a rich theoretical and practical experience, familiar with the relevant laws of intellectual property rights at home and abroad, with a variety of intellectual property disputes and infringement, and with its excellent professional quality and perseverance and dedication spirit, dedication to provide professional and quality services to our customers, for the intellectual property escort.

   Rui Zhi Bao Cheng to provide quality services to customers at home and abroad, to create a professional, efficient and responsible service team. The company provides one of the intellectual property consultancy services for customers, timely and effectively solve various problems, to achieve centralized triage and targeted rationalization proposals, to truly achieve one to one, one stop service.

   168 countries in Asia, Europe, and the wisdom of America, more than and 500 intellectual property law firm is a partnership, by international standards of self-discipline and customer service, the intellectual property rights to produce the greatest economic benefit and its invincible position in the world market competition and help a helping hand.

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