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Enterprise goal:
    To become a first-class intellectual property agency at home and abroad!

Enterprise faith:
    "stand in the clients’ position to consider each question", "focus on every detail of the clients", the clients'entrust is our delivery!

Enterprise aim:
    To provide clients with world-class IP services professionally with fast, excellence and sincerity, and protect the intellectual property of the clients!

Enterprise advantages:
    On the basis of professional services, every employee can start from the details of the clients’case to achieve the best interests for them. Ruizhibaocheng members always keep the struggle of tolerance and dedication like the entrepreneur, resolute execution, independent ability of solving problems and coordination work habits, to ensure the highest efficiency and the best quality of the sevices. Every client entrusts us because of our enterprise faith.
Each employee of Ruizhibaocheng knows the details determine the success or failure,relying on the high-level expert team and services , Ruizhibaocheng stands in the forefront of the industry and protect the intellectual property of the clients.

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