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Congratulations to Beijing Ruizhibaocheng agents "冷后浑" trademark reexamination successfully ly

Due to dissatisfying the rejection of its trademark "冷后浑" of NO.11859430 in class 30, Shenzhen Three Unicom International Freight Agency Co., LTD authorized our company dealing with the reexamination according to the China trademark law, the provision of article 34, and successfully  safeguard the trademark eventually.

Case review


Our lawyers’  opinion through analysis and research:
1、The element of application trademark “冷后浑”completely has the originality and significance and do not  directly expose the characteristics of  Edible Methods. Therefore, the reason in the rejection shall not be taken as not applying the trademark.

2、With the long term use of applicant’s trademark, the characteristics turn more significant and get a high popularity among consumers which will not cause public’s confusion. The application of trademark registration shall be approved according to the article 11 of China Trademark Law.

3、Based on the fundamental principle of China Trademark Law, application trademark do not conflict with any trademark and has significant and identification. Normal legal application for the trademark registration shall be protected.

•After my company lawyers’ full consideration to the objective conditions and comprehensive analysis to the case, trademark review and adjudication board finally preliminary approved No.11859430  trademark "冷后浑", protecting the legitimate rights for applicants and relevant consumers.

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